Vice Captain Lauren Carr

Hi, I’m Lauren; I’m nearly 16 and have been swimming for Kippax for nearly five years. I love to share my experience with some of the other swimmers and encourage them to develop with the club.

I love swimming for Kippax ASC because it is a really friendly club where I have made a great set of new friends and we celebrate swimmers competing at all levels.

I am often at galas and am willing to help and reassure the younger, more nervous swimmers as I know just how they feel.

As club captain I lead by example. Through hard work and dedication at training in and out of the pool, my times are still improving. I am working with the coaches to introduce some land based training which I know from experience will benefit everyone.

I am committed to the club and I really enjoy the extra activities such as the BBQ, the Christmas party, the nutrition week and the sponsored swims. I really want to help keep the character of our club alive and show the newer swimmers how to do it the Kippax way!

Vice Captain Amy Checkley

I am committed to this club and I like to see people being happy, enjoying themselves and achieving together.  I like to help people in our club to improve the club. I give everyone a voice to let them say what they would like to be done better. I hope to allow everyone to be able to feel that they can give their opinions freely and they will be heard and acted upon. I will always be here for everyone. If you need to talk I will listen and try to give you advice. I aim to cheer for Kippax at galas and make sure everyone is involved. I support my fellow team mates and encourage everyone to give of their best.  

Captain Jack Clifford

Hi, my name is Jack Clifford.

I train five nights a week. I have helped to coach sessions and helped at galas.

I have been swimming at Kippax for almost seven years and have been an avid competitor at many galas. With this experience, I can make any new or unsure swimmers feel at ease.

This year, I have been lucky enough to qualify for the Yorkshire Championships and the North-Eastern Regionals and wish to help more swimmers achieve the same as me. Over the years the Club has given me a lot including support, guidance and confidence, which I want to repay by helping the next generation of swimmers to succeed. I have had the pleasure of seeing the club grow further and hope to see it continue on this path. I am someone that anyone can talk to, whether they are scared and nervous or just feel left out.

I want to inspire the next set of swimmers at Kippax to work hard, aim for the best times possible and enjoy swimming.