Galas are easy to enter.  They are advertised on the website, on the notice board on the balcony in Kippax Leisure Centre and on the Facebook page.  Please note the Facebook page is a closed group open only to swimmers and their parents


Please fill in an entry form either from the Kippax notice board or there is a form on the "upcoming gala" page of the website, complete it and either email it or hand it to Lisa, paying either face to face or via online banking  Some spectator passes need paying in advance and some are paid on the day.


Some galas have entry times.  Some times are qualifying times where the swimmer must have reached a certain standard, some times are cut offs where the swimmer must be slower than the advertised time.

Galas are of many standards.  Some are local, held at Aireborough pool on Saturday evenings.  These are good for young swimmers (aged 9 and over) just starting out.  Galas are A, B or C grade.  A is the fastest and C is the slowest of these.


Swimmers who achieve county times can race at the "Yorkshires" and swimmers who qualify after that can race at regional or national level. 


Coaches are aware of qualifying times and can advise you of what your child needs to achieve.